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Hey puzzle lovers and casual gamers! Explore the fun world of Watermelon Suika Game, a fruit-stacking adventure. In this game, you have to guide Poppy, the cute cloud, to make giant watermelons and score big. Join the excitement!

Game Release and Origin

Originally designed for digital projectors, it gained popularity and made its way to the Nintendo eShop in Japan in December 2021. Following its initial success, the game went global in October 2023.

The concept was inspired by a Chinese browser game called “Merge Big Watermelon,” released in January 2021.

Gameplay of Watermelon Suika Game

In the Watermelon Suika Game, players drop fruits into a container, aiming to prevent overflow at the top of the box. Represented as the cloud character Poppy, the player must strategically match two identical fruits, causing them to merge into a larger fruit in the cycle.

The ultimate goal is to create the biggest fruit, the watermelon, which offers significant point bonuses.

If two watermelons merge, they disappear, adding an extra layer of strategy. The game gets over when the fruits reach the top of the container.

Watermelon Suika Game Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Fruit Cycle in Watermelon Suika Game

The game features 11 fruits in a cycle from smallest to largest: cherry, strawberry, grapes, dekopon, persimmon, apple, pear, peach, pineapple, honeydew, and watermelon.

Players can only drop the five smallest fruits into the container, and the order is random. On the top of the game screen, players can see the next fruit to drop into the container. This feature assists in formulating a strategy when dropping a fruit.


Use the mouse to play.

Features of Watermelon Suika Game

  1. Simple yet engaging puzzle gameplay reminiscent of Tetris.
  2. The adorable cloud character, Poppy, adds charm to the gaming experience.
  3. Strategic matching of identical fruits to prevent overflow and earn points.
  4. There is no time limit in the game.
  5. Physics-based interactions make the gameplay dynamic and unpredictable.
  6. is crafted for players of all ages. Its design ensures that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy and have fun playing the game.

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