Fish Love

Fish Love


Fish Love is a puzzle where you have to help two fish in love. Your job is to remove pins carefully, avoiding bombs, lava, and tricky crabs.

It’s like solving puzzles to make them happy! Watch out for dangers, and enjoy the fun journey of these lovely fish.


In Fish Love, your task is to aid two fish deeply in love. The primary objective is to reunite these affectionate fish, creating a puzzle-solving experience through physics-based challenges. The fish, inseparable in their bond, rely on your assistance to navigate a course of obstacles. To achieve this, strategic removal of pins becomes crucial, requiring you to carefully maneuver past hazards like bombs, lava, and crafty crabs.

The gameplay mirrors the complexities of love, with each pin removal setting off a chain reaction, demanding thoughtful consideration. The challenge intensifies as you progress through the 26 levels, providing a progressively engaging experience. The level number of the game is indicated on the top of the game screen.

Fish Love Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

It’s akin to a journey, where you delicately guide these adorable fish through puzzles, all while staying vigilant to potential dangers. The introduction of bombs aids in disposing of troublesome crabs, adding an extra layer of strategy.


  • Play with the left mouse button

Features of Fish Love Game

The features of the game are mentioned below:

  • The game is all about helping two fish meet each other.
  • There are 26 challenging levels.
  • It can be played without downloading.

Game Details

DeveloperMagnific Studios
Released DateDecember 23, 2021
ModeSingle Player
GenrePuzzle, Arcade
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

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