Snowball Adventure

Snowball Adventure


Snowball Adventure is a game where you have to control a snowball rolling through a snowy level while overcoming obstacles.


The Snowball Adventure game is set in a snowy landscape. Here you have to where guide a ball through perilous obstacles like icy slopes and traps. Beware of pointed objects – if your ball touches them, it’s game over. You’ll have the option to restart the level or return to the home menu.

Snowy Adventure game boasts distinctive features, offering two engaging modes, level and endless, for players to explore.

In the level mode, challenge yourself across 14 progressively difficult levels. In every level, a total of 30 coins are scattered on the track that you try to collect. What makes challenging the game is the collection of all 30 coins in each level. There is no compulsion to collect all the coins. You can collect as many coins as possible to complete the level with the maximum coins.

Snowball Adventure gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot

For those seeking endless thrills, the endless mode allows you to roll your ball as far as possible without encountering fatal obstacles. Test your skills and compete for the longest journey.

Players have the option to pause the game if needed.


  • A/Left Arrow Key – To move the ball backward
  • D/Right Arrow Key – To move the ball forward
  • Spacebar – To make the ball jump

Features of Snowball Adventure game

  • Navigate ball through snowy terrain
  • Avoid icy slopes and traps
  • Two modes: level and endless
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • Easy gameplay


  • Abdul Wakil Mondal developed this game on October 20, 2023


  • Web Browser

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