Snow Fun

Snow Fun


Snow Fun is a game where you become a snow removal hero. You’ll be using a shovel to clear snowy paths and driveways, making everything safe and accessible.


Your job in the Snow Fun game is to clear away snow from paths and driveways. You move your character around with your mouse by dragging it to scoop up the snow. Be careful of obstacles like rocks and trees hidden under the snow! Each level has goals to complete, like clearing a certain amount of snow.

In the top middle of the game screen, there is a bar with green-colored liquid. As you continue to collect snow from the ground, the liquid in the bar gradually increases. This bar serves as an indicator of your progress, showing how much snow you have collected. When it is filled, the level is completed. Keep an eye on it as you work to clear the snowy terrain.

Snow Fun gameplay screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

When you finish goals, you earn points and rewards to unlock new levels or upgrade your tools. Players can also increase the speed of their character. As you go on, the levels get harder with more snow and obstacles.

You can also customize your character with the help of diamonds and coins you get while playing. The diamonds are scattered on the snowy land as you can see in the gameplay screenshot given above.

You will get to play in different territories, which will give you an amazing experience. So, keep playing and unlocking new territories.

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  • Play using the mouse


  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Customization of character
  • Upgradation of shovel
  • Time powerups to increase the speed
  • Amazing 3D gameplay

Game Details

DeveloperDorfer Games OU
Released DateDecember 12, 2022
GenreManagement, Skill
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser( Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

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