Gold Strike Icy Cave

Gold Strike Icy Cave


Gold Strike Icy Cave is a fun game where you play as an explorer going on a cool adventure in a magical cave. You’re looking for special treasures and discovering the secrets of the cave.


In Gold Strike Icy Cave, the main goal is to gather as much gold as you can while keeping the mine clear of rocks.

To hit a block, move your pointer and click the left mouse button. Imagine you’re a miner with a pickaxe, and when it hits blocks of the same color, they vanish, and you get more blocks of gold to extract.

When you hit two or more golden blocks next to each other, you earn points. Some special rocks, apart from gold, also give you bonus points when you break them. But watch out, hitting regular rocks takes away points. If these rocks touch you, the game stops, and you can’t break any more blocks.

So, it’s important to be careful and avoid hitting too many rocks. Each time you hit golden blocks or bonus rocks, your score goes up, but hitting regular rocks brings it down by a point. If they touch you, the game ends, and your mining adventure is over.

Blocks of rocks gradually advance in sets towards you. As they move forward, they keep coming in a column in a group of blocks. This continuous movement of blocks poses a challenge, and if these advancing blocks touch you, the game comes to an end.

Gold Strike Icy Cave - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The game consists of various levels, and each level has a different mine depth. This means that you can click on the “Next” button a fixed number of times to get additional sets of gold blocks.

So, if you find yourself running low on gold blocks to click, just hit the “Next” button, and it will provide you with a new set, allowing you to continue your mining adventure and explore further into the depths of the game.


  • Use the mouse to play the game

Features of Gold Strike Icy Cave game

  • Multiple Levels
  • Varying Mine Depth
  • Easy game controls
  • Engaging gameplay

Game Wiki

DeveloperAzerion Casual Games
ReleasedDecember 05, 2023
GenrePuzzle, Shooting
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

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