Giant Snowball Rush 3D

Giant Snowball Rush 3D


Giant Snowball Rush 3D is a running game where a roll a snowball and try to reach the checkpoint with the larger ball.


In this Giant Snowball Rush 3D game set against a snowy backdrop, players undertake a frantic dash along a snowy platform. The character in the game moves continuously, and your task is to guide it and prevent collisions with obstacles.

As you sprint, snow accumulates and forms a steadily enlarging ball, boosting their resilience. However, the path is fraught with peril, featuring menacing walls and mischievous jokers.

Colliding with walls diminishes the ball’s size, consequently weakening its strength. Furthermore, any encounter with jokers abruptly ends the game.

To expedite progress, a helpful car is placed on the track, aiding players in swiftly reaching checkpoints. Along the perilous route lie scattered coins, whose collection unlocks a myriad of 5 vibrant skins, allowing for personalized customization of the gaming experience.

With reflexes tested and obstacles to overcome, players must skillfully navigate the snowy terrain, striving to reach the finish line with their snowball intact while collecting coins for exciting new upgrades.

At the end of the level, the scoring system operates on multiplication. The points accumulated while running are multiplied by the number corresponding to the number reached by your ball. Achieving a larger size increases the likelihood of multiplying your points significantly. For eg, if your ball reaches number 5, your points will get multiplied by 5.

Giant Snowball Rush 3D
Gameplay Screenshot


  • Drag a mouse left and right.


  • Snowy platform running game
  • Collect snow to form a ball
  • Ball size increases over time
  • Avoid obstacles like walls and jokers
  • Car assists in reaching checkpoints
  • Collect coins to unlock 5 skins
  • Scoring based on size multiplication


P L Studio developed this game and published it on November 10, 2021.


  • Web Browser

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