Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow


Getting Over Snow is an online video game where players navigate a character through snowy mountains using a hammer.

How to play?

In this Getting Over Snow action game, players use a hammer to climb snowy mountains. The game is all about timing and strategy. You’ll need to think quickly to overcome challenges and reach the finish line.

You have to control a character who moves forward as you adjust the length of the hammer’s handle by clicking and holding the left mouse button. The goal is to reach the end of each level while collecting gems. To do this, you need to be careful of dangers like killer eagles and sharp red spikes.

By clicking on your character, you can change the length of the hammer. This helps you avoid obstacles and stay safe. Make sure to keep an eye on the gems, as they’re important for getting rewards in the game shop. You can use these rewards to unlock new looks for your character and hammer. On the top right of the screen, you can see the total diamonds collected.

There are multiple levels in the game. As you climb up, you will get points. The higher you ascend with each click, the more points you receive.

Getting Over Snow Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

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  • Play with the help of a mouse


  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Game shop for unlocking new looks for the character and hammer
  • Available on mobile
  • There is a usage of hand-eye coordination in the game

Game Details

DeveloperHit Games
Released DateDecember 01, 2022
ModeSingle Player
GenreSkill, Action, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet)

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