Real football

Real football



Real Football, developed by Gameloft SE, is a popular soccer game that can be played on mobile devices. Playing the game requires skill and an understanding of the rules of soccer.

The game has excellent graphics and simple controls.

How to play Real Football?

To play the game select the game mode you prefer to play and touch the screen to start the game.

Mastering advanced techniques like dribbling past defenders or executing accurate headers can give you an upper hand over opponents. It’s also important to strategize during matches by adjusting formations and tactics based on opposing teams’ strengths and weaknesses.


There are a total of five modes in the game:

  • Seasons: In this mode, you can create your unique team and play the game
  • Friendly: Friendly is the mode that is unlocked for instant playing. This mode provides various options to choose from like – Team Selection, Line UP, Tactics, playground (Saint-Denish, RedBrick, Catedral), and Game Environment (Weather, ball, time, net). You can adjust them as per your own preference.
  • Mode: Under this, You can play CUPS (International Cup 2014, European Cup, Club Cup, International Cup) or LEAGUES (National League, Spanish League, English League, Italian League).
  • 5v5: In this mode of Real Football, you will be an attacking team consisting of only 5 players. The attacking team will compete with an opposing team of 5 defenders plus a goalkeeper.
  • Penalty: In local penalty mode, you will play against a friend in a penalty match where both of you will become the kicker. The players require to score the most goals to win!
  • Training: In this mode, you can select different countries and train yourself by playing the game.


  • To Run/Move – Touch the pitch
  • To pass the ball – Touch dribbler/Teammate
  • To Shoot – Touch name box

Rules for League and Cup Modes

In League mode, 16 National Team plays league matches, In a season, each team will play only one match against each other teams. The champion will the cup. Any player who gets a red card will be banned from the next match.

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In Cups, a total of 32 teams will be divided into 8 groups. In the group matches, each team will play one match against the other teams in the same group. The top 2 teams in each group will enter the elimination rounds where the remaining teams will be paired up to play 1 match. The winner of each match will advance to the next round until only two teams remain to play the Final match. Like League mode, any player who gets a red card will be banned from the next match.

What is Red Crad in Real football?

Red cards are a type of penalty awarded to players who disobey the game rules, when any player gets a red card, he is banned from the next match

About the Developer

Gameloft SE is a video game developer and publisher company founded in 1999 by Michel Guillemot. The company has developed several popular games across various genres, including action-adventure, racing, sports, and simulation games. Gameloft SE is headquartered in France but has offices worldwide.

The company’s focus on creating mobile games for smartphones and tablets has made it one of the leading mobile game developers globally. Some of their most popular titles include Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, and Dungeon Hunter 5. The Real Football is Unblocked on Infrexa, Play it now.

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