Heavy Jeep Winter Driving

Heavy Jeep Winter Driving


Heavy Jeep Winter Driving is an online driving simulation game that places players in the midst of a winter wonderland, where snow-covered roads and challenging conditions await.

How to play?

In this unique Heavy Jeep Winter Driving game, players navigate snowy roads, executing stunts and tackling tasks. The game offers two modes: Career and Free. Choose your preferred mode, immerse yourself in the snowy landscape, and showcase your skills. With each mode offering distinctive features, the game promises a dynamic and engaging driving adventure through winter terrains.

  • Career Mode

In this mode, players have to complete different tasks like reaching a destination while driving a particular distance, collecting trophies, passing through through given number of nets etc. All these tasks have to be completed within the given time. There are 10 levels in this mode.

Heavy Jeep Winter Driving - Career Mode Gameplay Screenshot
Career Mode Gameplay Screenshot

Collect coins on the way as they are the game-in currency and will help you to unlock the new Jeep.

  • Free Mode
Free Mode Gameplay Screenshot
Free Mode Gameplay Screenshot

This mode enables the players to drive as long as they can and enjoy the snowy road and hilly roads.

Controls of Heavy Jeep Winter Driving

Use the following keys to play the game:

  • W/Up Arrow Key – Drive Forward
  • A/Left Arrow Key – Drive Left
  • D/Right Arrow Key Drive Right
  • S/Down Arrow Key – Brake


Here are the features of the game:

  • Enjoy driving in a snowy world with covered roads and beautiful scenery.
  • Do stunts with your jeep to make the game more exciting and show how skilled you are.
  • The game features two distinct modes; career and free mode.
  • Experience the freedom to explore the snow-filled landscapes in free mode.
  • Change the camera view to experience a unique gaming experience.

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The game is about having fun driving in the snow, doing cool tricks, and exploring. It’s a great way to enjoy your time and show off your skills.

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