Mx Offroad Master

Mx Offroad Master


MX Offroad Master is a cool BMX game where you do awesome tricks and challenges on your bicycle.

Ride through different places, do flips, spins, and other cool moves to score points. There are lots of levels and challenges to keep you entertained.

You can play alone or with a friend in two-player mode, adding excitement to beat your buddy. It’s a super fun game where you can do cool stunts and have a great time!

Game Modes in Mx Offroad Master

In the fun game MX Offroad Master, you ride a bicycle on steep mountains. It’s a bit tough, but if you’re good, you can ride smoothly. First, choose if you want to play alone or with a friend. Then, pick a mode:

  1. Mountain Ride:
    • There are 14 levels with different tracks.
    • Finish a level to get diamonds and coins. You use these to make your bike and character cool.
    • You have three lives. If you fall off, you lose one life. If you have lives left, the game continues. If not, you will have to restart.
Gameplay Screenshot - Mountain Ride
Gameplay Screenshot – Mountain Ride
  1. Free Mode:
    • There are no levels in this mode.
    • Collect coins and diamonds by doing stunts.
    • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited lives, allowing you to ride without worries about falling off.
Gameplay Screenshot - Free Ride Mx Offroad Master
Gameplay Screenshot – Free Ride


You can change your bike, chain, helmet, and clothes in the shop. But, at first, they’re locked. To open them, you need diamonds and coins earned by doing well in the game. It’s like a prize for being a great rider! You have four bikes to pick from, so make your ride cool as you climb hills and do awesome stunts.

Key Bindings

Player 1

  • WASD = move
  • Space = front brake
  • S = rear brake
  • C = camera switch
  • R = restart position

Player 2

  • Arrow keys = move
  • R-shift = front brake
  • Down arrow key = rear brake
  • O= camera switch
  • P = restart position

Game Wiki Table

DeveloperRHM Interactive
ReleasedFeb 2023
GenreAction, Adventure, Racing
ModeSingle Player, Two Player
PlatformWeb Browser

Features of MX Offroad Master game

  • The game offers two game modes; Mountain ride and free ride.
  • You can play without downloading it.
  • It has easy game controls.
  • There are vibrant graphics in the game.

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MX Offroad Master is the ultimate BMX adventure, offering a blend of thrilling challenges, personalized customization, and exciting stunts. Whether riding solo or with a friend, the game provides an exhilarating experience, capturing the essence of off-road biking excitement.

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with fun.

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