Secret Office Kiss

Secret Office Kissing


Secret office kissing is an online kissing game where you have to kiss your colleague while working in an office without being caught.

It’s a fun game that lets you imagine having a secret crush at work without any real problems.


This is an exciting game where you find yourself in an office, working next to a lovely colleague. Your goal is to share as many kisses as possible without your strict boss catching you. If your boss sees you kissing, you’ll get fired right away and the game gets over.

The game is all about being sneaky. You need to kiss your colleague when the boss isn’t looking. Your mission is to fill as many hearts as you can by kissing, and if you manage to get 10 hearts, you’ll unlock a new girl to kiss with.

Secret Office Kissing - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

But be careful! The workday ends at 5, so you need to plan your kisses wisely. Use your skills to time the kisses perfectly when the boss is busy or looking away. The more strategic you are, the more hearts you’ll earn.

Play: Slope

Controls for Secret Office Kissing Game

  • Press the Left Mouse Button to kiss your colleague.

Game Details – Secret Office Kissing

Secret Office Kissing combines strategic gameplay, a heart-filling challenge, and a dynamic office environment to create a unique and entertaining experience.

ReleasedFebruary 2017
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

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