Love Tester 3

Love Tester 3


Love Tester 3 is a playful online game where you input names to test your love compatibility. The game has no special objectives, love is the primary goal.


In Love Tester 3, the gameplay is straightforward and engaging. Players have to enter their name and their crush’s name, then press the heart button to reveal a love compatibility score. The score is shown in percentage.

Love Tester 3 Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The aim is to see how well the names match, providing an exploration of romantic possibilities. The game provides you an opportunity to test love compatibility with up to three people. There is a leaderboard which shows the top 5 scores.

Play: Cookie Crush 3


  • Use the Keyboard and mouse to play the game.

Features of Love Tester 3

  • The game offers the option to test love compatibility with multiple people, up to three, introducing variety to the gameplay.
  • It is just a game! It’s meant to be lighthearted and fun, not a real predictor of the future.
  • It has simple gameplay which makes it engaging.

Game Details

ReleasedApril 14, 2017
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop )

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