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Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart Game involves the management of a supermarket where you have to sell products, collect money, manage employees, and keep your customers happy.

PublishDecember 14, 2022
GenreManagement Games, Arcade, Simulation, Farm Games, Monkey Games
PlatformsAndroid, iOS and Web browsers

Monkey Mart Gameplay

To play a game, you require to control the movement of the monkey who is responsible for bringing and managing the activities of the mart.

Initially, players have to grab the fresh fruits and then sell them to earn money. Then they can gradually expand the store size by installing the machinery and hiring new employees. Inventory management is crucial as items can go out of stock quickly if not replenished on time.

You can also collect money by just standing in front of the customers. Time management is also important as you have to serve customers against the demand and collect money from the customers to whom you already gave the product.

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You also need to run around the market and check the operations of the store to meet the demand of your customers effectively. In starting there are customers who buy Bananas but later there are so many customers who buy – chocolate muffins, Fresh fruit Juices, cookies, and ice cream! 

How to control the Movement of Monkey

  • Use WSAD or Arrow keys for movement

How to upgrade the Monkey Mart

Upgrading the Monkey Mart helps you to make produce more products and earn more money quickly. The monkey in the game acts like a chef and is liable to take care of the mart operations and prepare the delicious snacks, juices, and pastries.

You can upgrade your mart by spending some money on hiring employees and upgrading the appliances so that they can work faster to boost the productivity of the Store.

  • By upgrading Assistants, Farmers, and Animals. These are an important part of the process management. When they work fast it will increase the overall revenue to the mart.
  • Upgrade the appliances and machines to speed up your production timing. If you serve your customers quickly and without waiting then too long, they will become happy and come again and again to your store.

When you have sufficient money you can also switch next level and expand your mart. To do this just tap on the truck icon on the top of your screen and visit another branch.

Where to play?

The Monkey Mart Unblocked is available on various websites like Poki and CrazyGames, but we recommend you to play it on Infrexa as here we provide the full-screen Game experience to you. It is also unblocked on Infrexa.

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