Winter Bubbles

Winter Bubbles


Winter Bubbles is a shooting game where you shoot candles to match them with others of the same color.

It’s a simple and enjoyable game that anyone can play and have fun in the snowy winter setting.


In the game, your objective is to shoot bubbles resembling candles, aiming to hit groups of two or more bubbles. Upon hitting a group of two or more than two, the bubbles pop, clearing from the screen and earning you points.

The game board consists of clusters of bubbles that you must clear entirely. Hidden within these bubbles is a golden bell, which you must release to complete the level and progress to the next challenge.

You’ll need to strategically aim your shots to clear all the bubbles before time runs out.

On the top left of the screen, there is a timer that shows the time left to complete the level. Be mindful of the ticking clock, as the game ends when time expires. If the bubbles reach the edge of the screen, it’s game over.

Along the way, you may stumble upon helpful power-ups that provide special abilities to aid you on your journey. After completing the level, the remaining seconds are added to your score as a time bonus, multiplied by 10. Therefore, aim to clear the bubbles as quickly as possible to maximize your score.

You can view the level of the game at the bottom left of the screen. The number displayed at the top right of the screen represents your current score for the level.

Winter Bubbles Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot


  • Move the mouse to aim
  • Click on the left mouse button to shoot


  • Multiple levels
  • Pause system
  • Easy gameplay
  • Play on mobile

Game Wiki Table

DeveloperLof Games
ReleasedNovember 19, 2021
GenreShooting, Matching
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

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