Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is a popular car racing game that offers players an immersive and fast-paced driving experience. You’ll drive cool cars, customize them, and race in different places.

Whether you’re exploring cities or having intense races, it’s going to be so much fun in this engaging game.


1. Car Selection and Customization:

  • Choose from a variety of sleek sports cars with unique attributes.
  • Unlock and customize 40 high-performance vehicles with distinct handling and speed.
  • Personalize your ride by modifying paint colors, rims, and license plates for a standout look.
  • Invest earned coins in engine boosts, improved brakes, and enhanced handling for superior performance.

2. Diverse Environments and Time of Day:

  • Navigate through bustling cityscapes, serene highways, rain-slicked roads, dusty deserts, and snow-covered mountain passes.
  • Race under different time-of-day settings, including blazing sun, cool night, and breathtaking sunset.
  • Each environment presents unique challenges and visual delights, demanding adaptability from players.
  • Drive on a one-way or two-way road.

3. Multiple Camera Views:

  • Tailor your experience with three camera angles: first-person for cockpit thrills, third-person for a broader view, and rearview for monitoring competitors.

4. Game Modes for Every Preference:

Traffic Tour Career Mode Rainy Theme Gameplay Screenshot
Traffic Tour Career Mode Rainy Theme Gameplay Screenshot
  • Career Mode:
    • Complete 100+ challenging missions like time trials, card collections, and overtaking of cars to earn coins.
    • Unlock new cars and environments through successful mission completion.
    • Upgrade your vehicle for enhanced performance.
  • Street Mode:
    • Endless Mode: Non-stop gameplay focusing on survival and high scores.
    • Free Mode: Explore without constraints or specific objectives.
    • Time Trial: Race against the clock to achieve the fastest time.
  • Racing Now
    • In this mode, you can challenge other players online.

List of top cars you can drive

There are a total of 40 cars available in the garage. Here is the list of top cars:

  • Estam ES54
  • Fuerza F81
  • Montaros M13
  • Mozade MR50
  • MTRAL MS47
  • Nopeus N54
  • Quatrinas Q91
  • Rafidal R78
  • Robusta R510
  • Simblo S33
  • Statero S44
  • Tedelos T11
  • Vorset V60

Controls of Traffic Tour

  • W/ Up arrow key: To accelerate
  • A/ left arrow key: To Turn left
  • D/ Right arrow key: To Turn right
  • S/ Down arrow key: Brake
  • Space key: Nitro


The features of the game are given below:

  • Earn valuable rewards and participate in daily events for prizes.
  • Upgrade your vehicle and unlock new cars with earned coins.
  • Explore different environments with dynamic visuals and traffic patterns.
  • Various game modes like Career, Racing Go, and Street for varied gameplay experiences.
  • You can play this game on a desktop or laptop.
  • It is a browser-based game. Anyone can play it without downloading it.
  • This game was developed by Wolves Interactive in Sep 2022.
  • Various types of vehicles populate the traffic, including trucks, buses, vans, cars, pickups, and SUVs.
  • Explore five captivating settings: Highway, City, Desert, Rain, and Snow, each offering day or night options for a truly immersive experience.

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Traffic Tour is not just a game; it’s a super exciting journey of speed, cool cars, and fun races. With awesome pictures, different places to drive, and lots of cars to choose from, it’s perfect for anyone who loves racing. You can do missions, race with friends, or just drive around and enjoy. So, get ready, press the gas, and let the fun begin!

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